Lakeland Is a Top Real Estate Market in the Country

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 by Wanda Kaiser in Real Estate / 0 Comments

Earlier this year, posted its list of the housing markets “poised to rule in 2019.” Lakeland, Florida came in at the number one spot due to its medium home price, predicted sales growth and predicted price growth. This is an increase from the number 5 position it held in 2018. Viewed as offering affordable housing, this area is also seen as providing significant value for higher-priced homes.

Calling Lakeland Home

One of the reasons for this growth is that Lakeland is no longer viewed solely as a Tampa or Orlando bedroom community, but as a great destination for families and retirees. While there are still a number of commuters who call Lakeland home, more and more people are choosing to live and work in the area rather than drive to the cities.

The recent downtown revival, including new shopping and fine dining opportunities, is one of the draws for those seeking to call Lakeland home. The beautiful weather, easy access to both coasts and variety of activities, from minor league baseball to golf, also contribute to the area’s charm and livability.

Pricing on the Rise

With an average home listing price of $231,500, Lakeland ranks 4th nationwide on the Affordability Score, resulting in demand for housing far outstripping the supply. Commuters, students, retirees and first time home buyers are recognizing the value they can get for their dollar and are rushing to the area to purchase homes, condos and townhomes.

This demand is predicted to result in a 5% growth in sales and a 7.4% increase in sale price, outperforming national numbers, which are expected to drop. This trend is forecasted to continue through 2021.

The current high value rating for a home purchase coupled with the forecasted economic growth and rising demand creates a situation where home buyers can purchase something with high confidence that it will be a great investment.

Luxury Home Sales in Demand

Grasslands has always been the leader in luxury homes and gracious living in Lakeland and the demand for these homes are on the rise as well. There is a significant shortage for homes in this price range and we believe that no other community offers the amenities and beautiful home styles that are available to our residents. With demand high and inventory low, this is truly a seller’s market for your property.

As Lakeland continues to be a draw for people of all ages, Grasslands will continue to offer the best homes and living environment the market has to offer. 

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