Florida Polytechnic University Impact on Grasslands and Lakeland

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Polytechnic University

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The past four months have demonstrated what an opportune, exciting time it is for home buyers to take advantage of owning property in the exclusive Oakbridge & Grasslands Golf & Country Club Community. As Florida Polytechnic University cultivates the area, it has advantageously brought with it an abundance of highly technical professional positions, superior innovation, and increased economic wealth to an already prestigious metropolis. Situated inland and centralized between Florida’s main attractions, Walt Disney and Clearwater Beach, Lakeland is home to the coveted Oakbridge area. Nestled conveniently near Tampa and Orlando, Oakbridge & Grasslands Country Club Community has markedly enjoyed the new academic addition, and with good reason. The University has legitimately enhanced the city, not only tangibly with the new high-tech I-4 Interstate corridor, but also through creating a Silicon Valley array of opportunities and enterprise. There has never been a better time to snap up property in Oakbridge.

A Culmination of Excellence

The institute of technology-esq, Florida Polytechnic University extends advanced technology academics and degree programs to our future leaders in technology. These prestigious science, technology, engineering and math, STEM Programs, akin to MIT’s START focus, will not only continue to stimulate job growth for the City of Lakeland, it will bring immeasurable wealth and continued innovation to the area, making Lakeland a reputable hub for elite professionals and educators moving into the future.

A Distinguished Community with Incentive

Polytechnic University with Lake

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Oakbridge & Grasslands Country Club Community warmly invites you to explore our outstanding location and to become a part of the area’s flourishing progress and accomplished present. Selecting a home in Oakbridge, provides residents with many outstanding opportunities for an ideal lifestyle and anticipated financial gain. When deciding on the optimal place to live, home buyers are required to take an up-close, micro look at factors such as economic growth potential, employment opportunities, real estate value projections, proximity to recreation and culture, climate, convenience and the education system. With Florida Polytechnic University opening their doors this past August, it has not only provided Lakeland’s Oakbridge with a lucrative property position in the above named considerations, it has also given the area’s residents improved logistics and access to Florida’s largest tourist attraction areas, Tampa and Orlando. Oakbridge’s luxury home development neighborhood is positioned perfectly, located less than 20 minutes from Florida Polytechnic University, and centralized between Clearwater Beach and Walt Disney. Truly, living in Lakeland has never been a more valuable commodity.

Living Inland

Attractively, there are several, distinct benefits of living inland versus the coast for well-informed home buyers. In addition to avoiding the adversely populated coastal area, those living inland enjoy perks including moderate cost of living, lush, lake-style ambiance, milder climate and amenities such as endless gourmet dining options, access to plaza shopping and convenient access to inland recreation activities and city life. Living further out, closer to the sea presents disadvantages like higher insurance premiums, potential property erosion and depreciation of either the land or home itself. Salty air and water damage are the primary risks, but tourists and seagulls can equally cause distress for homeowners year-round.

The Future of Lakeland

Florida Polytechnic SignWith today’s leaders teaching at Florida Polytechnic University and the area now brimming with future leaders poised to shape the next generation, living in Oakbridge is both an investment crossroad and a chance to be immersed in the high-tech momentum of innovation and development, all in your backyard. The City of Lakeland’s future holds tremendous market worth, status and power. With return on investment attractively at hand, now is the time to buy a home in Oakbridge and enjoy the lifestyle of Grassland Golf & Country Club.

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